Saturday, February 25, 2006

How does your garden grow?

We came across this site:

Your virtual garden

So if you're tired of waiting for "the Big Melt" why not use this tool to get your mind off of the ice and slush? it does require a download, but you can then use it to plan how your garden will look, design the ultimate green space, or get all of your greenthumb needs met virtually and not have to do ANY weeding!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Great Turner Puffin Search

Well, things are starting to look up on the job front. Keith has been filling in a couple days a week at the university cooking. He's learning lots and enjoying getting to know the student body. He also has been contacted by the local group home and community services to do some one on one work with the high needs/risk teens. It's not full-time work, but it's a start. Thanks for your prayers!

We're meeting new people and making new friends and truly loving the community here. People actually take the time to sit and visit here. It's really a warm, welcoming place.

Ali & Jake have "March Break" the first week in March, so we're hoping some nice weather drops in here so we can take some day trips and see some sites. We're on a puffin hunt (not the killing type of hunt, but the 'ah ha, we've found you' type of search). we know they're around here somewhere - but we're not sure if they migrate and when they return, and where exactly they go - but if they are around here in March we're going to find them!

There's not much left to tell, but wanted to give an update. Hope this finds you well!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, we've moved the family blog here so that Keith can have his "Keep Imagining" name on blogspot - instead of - they just didn't have any flexibility and the server is so slow... so, we've lost comments - sorry.... please know that they were so special to us and ministered to us!! So, please leave some more at this blog!!

Also, please don't forget to change your bookmarks and rss feeds!!


Oh, and don't forget to keep dropping by Keep Imagining to encourage Keith!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Blog Updates

I've updated the links in the sidebar so you can see our church, our town and Keith's blog if you're interested.

I also added a link to our flickr photos. We spent the day away yesterday - just pointing the car toward the ocean and driving. It was the perfect day for it - sunny and brisk without being cold. We found the most beautiful sites to see and even got a picture of an eagle! No, it's not Smigel, we're hoping it's a female so he can have a mate!! I guess it could have been him, but we were pretty far from his nest - either way enjoy!