Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Christmas Traditions by Alinea

My Christmas traditions go like this...

1. On Christmas Eve I open 1 present. I open pajamas or an ornament. No toys! The best for last I guess, or the best for Christmas morning.

2. On Christmas morning I wake up (I'm an early riser) probably no one is awake yet! If no one is awake I have to wait and wait and wait. Staring at the presents does not make it easier to wait!

3. Finally someone wakes up! It is my brother Jake. Then my parents wake up! Time to open presents.

4. After that my parents go to get the camera to take pictures of our faces when we see our gifts. I stick my hand in my stocking and usually there is candy, small activity books or small gifts.

5. After presents we eat breakfast and light the last candle on the Advent Wreath. My Christmas is probably not the same as yours but it is Christmas.

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Anj said...

Yeah Allie - Thanks for sharing your Christmas rituals with us. I, too, always opened one present on Christmas Eve. Usually it was pretty socks or some piece of clothing for Midnight Mass. And the boys now always open a gift on Christmas Eve, and it is always their new pair of pajamas. Well, now it is sleeping pants! I had forgotten that I used to wake up early too, and I loved that time, watching the lights in silence before anyone else was up. I hope you have a wonderful time this year in that moment of silence.